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Settlement Schedule
The pay-in and pay-out of daily mark to market settlements and final settlement of futures contracts is effected in accordance with the settlement schedule issued by INDIA ICC periodically. The Clearing Members should maintain clear balance of funds in their settlement account with their designated Clearing Bank/Settlement bank towards their funds pay-in obligation at the scheduled pay-in time on the settlement day.

The pay-out of funds will be credited to the receiving Clearing member's settlement account with their designated Clearing Bank/Settlement bank.
  • The settlement of all the contracts traded under INDIA INX would be in cash in USD.
  • The daily mark-to-market settlement and premium settlement of INDIA INX derivatives contracts would be settled in cash as per the settlement schedule prescribed for each session from time to time by INDIA ICC as per the timelines specified by INDIA ICC.
  • INDIA ICC will process two settlement cycles daily, for computation of daily mark-to-market settlement of all the contracts as per the timelines specified by INDIA ICC

The trading / settlement schedule would be as follows:-

Trading Download of files Funds Settlement
Business Date (example) Session No. Trading session Timeline Download of settlement files to members / Banks Pay-in Timings Pay-out timings
10/02/2019 1 04:30:00 hours to 17:00:00 hours (10/2/2019) By 18:00 Hours (10/2/2019) 8:00 hrs (11/2/2019) 8:15 hrs (approx.) (11/2/2019)
10/02/2019 2 17:00:01 hours (10/2/2019) to 02:30:00 hours (11/2/2019) By 3:30 Hours (10/2/2019) 16:30 hrs (11/2/2019) 16:45 hrs (approx.) (11/2/2019)

  • As mentioned in the above table, the trading for 'Business Date' of 10-Feb-2019 shall be conducted over two trading sessions and span across two calendar days viz. 10-Feb-2019 and 11-Feb-2019.
  • The first trading session shall start at 4:30:00 hours in the morning and shall end at 17:00:00 in the evening of 10-Feb-2019.
  • The second session shall start at 17:00:01 on 10-Feb-2019 and end at 2:30:00 am of 11-Feb-2019.
  • The 'Business Date' shall be provided to the members through the file name of the contract master file.