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DateCircular No.SubjectSegmentCategoryProduct
November 14,201820181114-2 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.12.2018 TO 30.12.2018 ALLPost TradeALL
October 24,201820181024-4 Clearing & settlement of exchange traded debt securities ALLPost TradeALL
October 24,201820181024-7 Risk Management of INDIA50 weekly futures and options contracts ALLPost TradeALL
October 15,201820181015-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.11.2018 TO 30.11.2018 ALLPost TradeALL
September 17,201820180917-2 Segregation in Margin files ALLPost TradeALL
September 12,201820180912-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.10.2018 TO 31.10.2018 ALLPost TradeALL
September 03,201820180903-2 Changes in Margin files format ALLPost TradeALL
August 10,201820180813-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.09.2018 TO 30.09.2018 ALLPost TradeALL
August 10,201820180813-2 Changes in file format ALLPost TradeALL
July 31,201820180731-3 Consolidated Circular ALLPost TradeALL